Go-Sales® Van-Sales Application

Empower your sales team to sell more, better, and faster.

Go-Sales ready solutions for Sales, Distribution, Delivery, Warehouse Management, and more.

About Go-Sales

The ‘Go-Sales’ is a powerful Sales Force Automation tool built on mobile and cloud technology. It is designed to be the Sales Rep’s best companion and facilitates the Rep with all required information to complete a sales call effectively and efficiently. the Android application fuels business growth by increasing the productivity of your business’s front-line staff, the Salespeople. Go-Sales comes with the best user experience in the market and therefore is loved by its users. 

The highly functional, cloud-based Go-Sales backend powers the effective functioning of the App and has the ability to be integrated with an ERP or Accounting software of your choice. The easily adaptable and integrated app helps streamline the sales process of your business while gaining visibility of the front-line sales operations to accelerate business growth.

Why Go-Sales

Van-Sales Application

Fast Order Taking

Manage returns, replenish stocks and take orders using super-fast tap-feature, purchase history, and barcode scan facility.

Mobile CRM

Manage leads and get a 360° view of your customers including order history, invoices, payments, returns, and more, to make on-field decisions.

Global Ready

We help you localize, company theme, currency, tax configurations, units of measure, and more to ensure the app is ready for your market

Custom Pricing

Create multiple pricing groups, customer-specific pricing, tailor catalogs, discounts, and group or customer-specific promotions.

Promotions & Discounts

Set up different types of promotions using the flexible promo engine to increase your order size and improve cross-selling and upselling.

Speed Order-to-Cash

Effective management of route planning, customer order cycles, delivery schedules, payment collections to improve cashflow.

Seamlessly connect your data and boost your sales

You can easily import & transfer data between Go-Sales and your ERP or Accounting application. Get consistent information and gain more visibility and control during all the workflow.

When integrating with an Accounting application, customers and products can be imported to Go-Sales, from where you can manage the order fulfillment. Once transactions are processed, accounting documents such as Invoices or Payments are exchanged.

In the case of an ERP application, customers and products are imported to Go-Sales, where you can take the orders and send them back to the ERP. Go-Sales can also receive payments, which are sent to the ERP to process the invoice. Once they are ready, the invoices can be sent back to Go-Sales.

Seamlessly connect your data and boost your sales
Plug & Play with your ERP or Accounting Software

Plug & Play with your ERP or Accounting Software

Can be integrated with your ERP or accounting software to automate your sales process. By doing this, gain access to extra features to sell more, better & faster, keep track of your customers and leads, and empower your sales representatives.

Discover some of the benefits of integrating Go-Sales:

  • Upload, manage & follow up on leads
  • Create customer categories and record their preferences
  • Automate customer-specific pricing
  • Set promotions & discounts
  • Check your stock levels in real-time
  • Gain more visibility of your data
  • Keep a better track of your route
  • Prevent data duplication
  • Better understanding of the results & the completion of objectives